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VIDEO: 17-Year-Old Arrested for Faking Her Own Kidnapping

Police in Northern California have arrested a 17-year-old girl who allegedly made up an elaborate lie claiming someone kidnapped her and hid her in a basement. After the alleged “kidnapping,” she texted and called her parents claiming the kidnappers were holding her and using her for some sort of sex ring. Cops say the teenager made the whole story up to get sympathy from her parents.

Fox News Legal Analyst Arthur Aidala weighed in on Studio B and said, “She should be, to some degree, held accountable for what she has done,” but Defense Attorney Randy Zelin doesn’t see it that way. He believes since she did not file the report and her parents did, so he thinks they should be prosecuted. Aidala blasted back and said, “Well somebody is gonna be paying for the man hours the police, and everyone who went out there.”

Zelin concluded and said, “It ain’t no crime, so there ain’t no time.”

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