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Teacher on Unpaid Leave for Forcing Students to Wear ‘Cone of Shame’

A high school teacher in Florida is facing serious backlash for making her students wear a so-called “cone of shame” for breaking classroom rules. This cone is the same device that is used on cats and dogs.

Tanisha Medina, one of her students, said, “Her number one rule is don’t eat, don’t drink water, don’t chew gum […] since we’re always doing bad stuff, she thought it would be funny to bring out the ‘cone of shame’ and put it on us.”

Many parents argued that this punishment was not funny and some students found it embarrassing. The teacher apologized and admitted that it was probably a bad decision. She has been placed on unpaid leave and the superintendent recommended that the school fire her.

Randy Zelin and Arthur Aidala weighed in on the case on today’s Studio B.

Aidala said, “If she’s a good teacher […] if children are learning in her classroom, and this is the one thing she did wrong, she should not be fired.”

Zelin blasted back, saying, “By the way, the woman only apologized after having her back put up against the wall. You would’ve thought from the get-go she would’ve said, ‘Hmm, not a really smart idea!’”

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